Youth Empowerment Association opens a call for 2 Macedonian youth workers for the international training course “The Power of Human Rights” taking place in Lommel, Belgium from 15th to 20th of October 2019.

The international training course “The Power of Human Rights” will mobilize 24 youth workers, and subsequently the European communities, to empower them with the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills they need to exercise those rights, as well as to respect and defend the rights of others. This training will guide the participants through a learning process that will lead all participants in this process to act, individually, in their actions, and globally, by playing their role in their European community.

Additionally, youth workers will be shown the best practices being used now in the human rights/education field, by having the opportunity to witness examples of workshops, or other activities, that are putted in practice by different European organizations, and afterwards, take the knowledge and ideas back home with them, and implement the best practices in their local community.

After this TC, the youth workers will have the knowledge and will be able to implement their own workshops about human rights with the youngsters in their organization. Part of the dissemination plan consists of implementing the activity created by the participants during the training course, in their sending organizations or home communities, so please only apply to be a participant if you are willing to go further with this activity.

All expenses during the project are covered by the Erasmus+ programme (accommodation, food). Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275€.

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Dates: 15 – 20/10/2019
Venue: Lommel, Belgium
Profile of Participants: 2 Macedonian youth workers (18+)
Participation Fee: 500 MKD*


DEADLINE: 10/09/2019

* The participation fee will be charged only if you are selected as a participant for the project.