Youth Empowerment Association opens a call for 5 Macedonians for the youth exchange “We Are All Nomads” taking place in Alicante, Spain from 28th of October to the 4th of November 2019.

YE “We Are All Nomads” intends to attract young people’s attention to the phenomenon of migration and using their energy and motivation to solve some of the most important problems that have arisen as a result of the migration crisis. In addition, the program will include activities that aim to open the eyes of young people for the false news, the populism and the manipulation. During the exchange, young people will take part in simulations, role-playing games, team building activities, discussions, reflection sessions, etc.

In summary, the objectives of the project are to:
– see the processes of migration as an opportunity and not as a threat and increase the benefits of it;
– promote the concept of integration and facilitate the exchange of personal experiences and good integration practices;
– improve the critical thinking skills of the participants and fight against the existing prejudices and stereotypes;
– provide tools and offer innovative solutions for some of the most important social problems originated by non-integration;
– foster the European values and promote youth mobility as a way to improve the intercultural understanding.

At the end of the youth exchange participants will have more flexible attitude toward cultural diversity and a raised awareness of respect for other cultures. The participants will gainknowledge on the subject of immigration and integration and this will help them to be more prepared when exercising their civil and political rights. 

All expenses during the project are covered by the Erasmus+ programme (accommodation, food). Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275€.

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Dates: 28/10 – 04/11/2019
Venue: Alicante, Spain
Profile of Participants: 4 youngsters (aged 18-30) + 1 team leader (18+)
Participation Fee: 500 MKD*


DEADLINE: 10/09/2019

* The participation fee will be charged only if you are selected as a participant for the project.