Official aftermovie for YE “I ship entreprenEUrship”

We want to share with everyone the joyful moments & unforgettable experiences that the participants had during the youth exchange, we hope everyone enjoys it.

Youth Exchange “I ship entrepreneurship” gathered 36 young people from 5 different countries to meet, discuss & develop their skills in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation & leadership by learning how to develop business ideas from scratch. This project put a strong accent on the formation, development & realization of entrepreneurial ideas by giving the participants the chance to simulate a complete business building cycle & use their ideas in the creation of a business model.

Day 7 of the YE “I ship entreprenEUrship”

The last day started with the development of the final task, which lasted until lunch. In the afternoon, all of the groups presented their products. The participants made a large variety of different marketing products as posters, flyers, memes, videos, websites & even rap songs.

One of the groups presented an application called Kapak. They made a video in which they presented in a comic way the use of the application in everyday life through advertisement for a wedding. Then, there was an advertisement with a music performance for a vegetarian fast food restaurants called Vegland. Next, there was an online business platform called The Handmaders which purpose is to sell handmade goods created by women without jobs by connecting the buyers with the sellers. Afterwards, there was an interesting leaflet made by AEB to promote their idea – mass production of economical & ecological houses affordable for everyone. Also, there was Upcademy – a whole business for recycling waste to create furniture & other useful items for the households. Lastly, Slimfood team made a website for their healthy food restaurant.

Later in the evening, we did the final evaluation for the youth exchange. We talked about our impressions of the project & closed it with the Youthpass ceremony & stating the closing remarks. The evening ended with a farewell party & a celebration for Youth Empowerment Association’s 1st birthday.

Day 6 of the YE “I ship entreprenEUrship”

This day started with the process of finalization of the business plan, which the participants had to write in groups and then present it. There were interesting ideas & solutions to some social & environmental issues in our communities. In the afternoon, Aleksandar Karatosho talked about successful marketing campaigns, tips about effective marketing on social media & launched the final task – every group had to prepare it’s own marketing product for the idea they developed in the business plan.

Additionally, for the celebration of the 1st of March, Grandma Marta Day (or simply Baba Marta) the Bulgarian team gave all of us Martenitsas. They are worn until a stork or a blossoming tree is seen, symbolizing the coming of spring, warmer weather, and well being. Once the stork or blooming tree appears the Martenitsa is taken off and hung on a tree. It is a really cool tradition which shows the similarities between the cultures since that is common in Macedonia, too!

“The 5th day of the youth exchange was great. It begun with a simulation of a job interview where the youngsters had to play roles (one of an interviewer & the other of an interviewee). Everybody enjoyed this activity. After that, the participants were divided in 6 groups & were asked to discuss what ideas they have for a future business which improved their collaboration for the following activities. In the third session, the students have been introduced to the making of a business plan which was useful for their last session for the day – development of the business ideas they had brainstormed during the day.

All in all, the whole day was quite productive for everyone as well as me. I personally managed to acquire skills that I did not even know I had.”

Mishel Taneva, Bulgaria

Day 5 of the YE “I ship entreprenEUrship”

The second half of the project started with simulations of job interviews for various positions, where the participants had to prepare for an interview by experiencing both the position of an interviewer & an interviewee. After the coffee break, they had the task to brainstorm ideas about an enterprise that will focus on helping or contributing to a solution to a problem that they are passionate about.

In the afternoon, Mila Mladenova started with her session – “Introduction to Business plan” where she presented her own format of a business plan and the participants had the chance to learn more about this document which describes the core business objectives. Later on, the participants started working on their business plans based on the ideas they got during the brainstorming.

Day 4 of the YE “I ship entreprenEUrship”

Today, the participants visited the “Jerusalem of the Balkans” – Ohrid, as one of the biggest tourist attractions in Macedonia.

Before that, we took a photo of our amazing & gorgeous group.

“Today, I had an interesting hands-on experience for learning about the types of leadership. We played a game in groups where every group had a leader which coordinated the blindfolded team members, practically showing us the different types of followers that exist.

After that, Irina sparked new ideas with her talk about green entrepreneurship. The main idea about recycling and using old stuff really changed the way I see things and I hope to be as creative as her in solving problems. Lastly, executives from the company B-Watch gave us their stories on how they made it big. I believe with this knowledge it would be easier to develop our business plan.”

Gjorgji Noveski, Macedonia

“The morning was rough (Intercultural night was amazing). But after a good coffee for breakfast & our energizers we were ready to fill our hearts with joy & brains with knowledge! (Mila & Aleksandar led us to the dangerous river & said that if we don’t cross it successfully we won’t get dinner). Jokes aside, we had two sessions about entrepreneurship & leadership. Now we actually know the difference between a leader & a boss, also what the entrepreneurship really means.

During the lunch break we used our free time to explore Struga even more. The lake, the mountains – just wow! After that we got a surprise – five guests! Their stories, experiences were so inspiring! We loved their optimism and the way of living.

Day 3. Another perfect evening.”

Salvija Ilgevičiūtė & Austėja Kazanavičiūtė, Lithuania

Day 3 of the YE “I ship entreprenEUrship”

In the morning, we started with Aleksandar’s session – “Entrepreneurship & Innovation 101”, followed by Mila’s session – “Let’s talk about leadership”. The participants got the chance to learn more about the various types of entrepreneurs & leaders, the latest innovations happening around the world, as well as the differences between a boss and a leader.

After lunch, we had special guests for the Storytelling session.
Irina Janevska from ARNO talked about green & social entrepreneurial businesses in the Western Balkans & the opportunities that the young people living there have in these fields.
Hajrulla Hajrullai from the South East European University (SEEU) had a productive session describing the Business and Innovation Center at the University & the possibilities that they offer to their students.
Ivan Bogoevski, Nikola Cvetkovski & Mende Mocanoski from B-Watch were here to tell their stories from the business sector by sharing their personal & professional experience.
All of our guests gave the participants first-hand advice & information, which motivated them to pursue their dreams, after which they were presented with certificates of appreciation from Aleksandar Karatosho, the president of Youth Empowerment Association.

Day 2 of the YE “I ship entreprenEUrship”

Today we started with few team building exercises in order to bond the team for the future assignments. Later on the participants played a treasure hunt game where they had to do a few funny & engaging tasks. After lunch, every national team presented the situations in their community regarding unemployment, wages, benefits for startups & any kind of financial/educational support offered to young entrepreneurs, which was followed by an activity for shattering the stereotypes most of people have for every country-participant in the project.

In the evening, each team represented their country as best as they could by cooking their traditional food, dancing and even solving some crosswords & quizzes which made the Intercultural night a both delicious and educational experience.

“On the first day of the project we firstly had an introduction about the project. After that, we participated in some team building activities, so we broke the ice & got to know each other better. We finished with a session about the Erasmus+ programme, where we played a game of bingo & learned many interesting facts.

It was an amazing day & right now I’m even more excited!”

Kaloyan Marinov, Bulgaria

“Today was our first day & we all found it really interesting.

Firstly, we introduced ourselves & I tried to remember all the names. Of course, I found it really difficult, but luckily we played some amazing name games which were very helpful. Also, we introduced our NGOs & we shared the experience from our countries. After that, we learned more about the Erasmus+ program & we learned how to find Erasmus+ projects easier.

I was really happy to meet all those young people from Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey & Macedonia! The first day was amazing & I hope the others will be as interesting as the first one.”

Evgenija Rizova, Macedonia

Day 1 of the YE “I ship entreprenEUrship”

We are proud to present you the start of our first youth exchange called “I ship entreprenEUrship” that is currently happening in Hotel Ambient in Struga!

As one of the facilitators, Aleksandar Karatosho opened the project by welcoming the participants. Afterwards, they had the chance to create all the project rules together and get to know each other by doing few ice breaking games, as well as some name games. They also got an opportunity to learn about the Erasmus+ programme, as the biggest & most important educational program in Europe. As the last activity for the day, the participants made a presentation of their sending NGO’s, which contributed to developing future partnerships.

In the following days you will also hear from some of our participants about their experience during the project.

This project was supported by:


YEA is proud to present to you its
1st Erasmus+ youth exchange
“I ship entreprenEUrship”

Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Republic of Macedonia, Turkey

Profile of participants: Young people aged 18-24; Team leaders 18+
Participants: 6 participants + 1 team leader per country (at least 1 with photo/video editing skills)
Venue: Hotel Ambient, Struga, Republic of Macedonia
Days of activity: 7 days (excluding 2 travel days)
Dates: 23.02 – 03.03.2019


DEADLINE: 14th of January 2019

Short description of the project

ISEU will gather 36 young people from 5 different countries to meet, discuss & develop their skills in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation & leadership by learning how to develop business ideas from scratch. This YE is going to put a strong accent on the formation, development and realization of entrepreneurial ideas by giving the participants the chance to simulate a complete business building cycle and use their ideas in the creation of a business model. The participants will enhance their soft skills through our diverse workshops, as well as gain extensive knowledge about: 

  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Innovation;
  • Leadership;
  • Business plan;
  • Marketing campaigns etc.

The importance of these lectures and activities lays in the core principles of starting, as well as running a successful profit or non-profit organisation or company. Participants will gain important knowledge and experience, which could later be used in their professional and personal development.

The cultural trips that are going to take place present a unique opportunity to learn more about Macedonia’s cultural heritage. These trips combined with the group projects, which the participants are going to produce, represent a chance to improve the participant’s teamwork skills. Overall, we aim to help the participants master many necessary business skills and overcome the difficulties which they may encounter in the future.


1) Advancement of employment and self-employment potential of youth
through enhancing innovativeness, creation of business start-ups and open
2) Conclude the themes for the business basics related to the skills of the young
people and their interests based on the entrepreneurial skill development;
3) Development of innovative models for mutual collaboration in the field of
4) Increasing intercultural partnership and exchange of experience and
methods throughout Europe;
5) Promoting the Erasmus+ programme and identifying their current resources
to young entrepreneurs.

This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.