CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – TC “Keep up the pace in the digital age”

Description: Social media became the most influential media of the 21st century. These kind of platforms are the most important communication tools used by all actors in the society (business community, civil society organizations, political parties etc.), which means that youth workers are not an exception. With this project we want to encourage people – especially youth workers – to improve their digital competences & share gained knowledge with the youth they are working with. 
Date: 21 – 28.09.2020
Location: Fužine, Croatia

DEADLINE: 01.08.2020

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YE “Bullying from Reality to
Virtual and Back” in Romania

From 26th of February to the 6th of March, the project “Bullying from Reality to Virtual and Back” took place in Busteni, Romania. Viktor, Elena, Erton, Ivan & Nevenka together with 37 other participants explored the violence among young people in the physical & cyber space. During these days, they covered a wide range of topics, shared many opinions & experiences, as well as promoted national traditions & food at intercultural evenings.

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Youth Empowerment Office – YEO for our 2nd birthday!

YEO will present a new open space for empowerment of youngsters in the region of Skopje through using non-formal education as a tool to produce educational activities & workshops that will be focused on developing the main objectives of Youth Empowerment Association.

Location: Str. 1612 No. 5/14, Municipality of Aerodrom, Skopje

YE “Natural Love” in Hungary

Our participants discussed on a variety of topics, including dignity, tolerance, respect, & social problems that people face every day. They shared experiences & promoted national traditions, food & music at intercultural evenings. This youth exchange was an interesting and unique experience that helped young people to expand their knowledge & viewpoints in order to gain universal human values.

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TC “Soft skills for hard youth workers” in Spain

During the project, Gjorgji & Stefan acquired interpersonal skills that enabled people to function better in the dynamic 21st century. Through practical exercises, different communication channels & multiple non-formal methods, the participants improved their communication & organizational skills. Because of each country’s different competences with distinctive intensity, this seminar allowed the participants to learn how to deal with all sorts of unpredictable scenarios in their personal and professional lives.


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Phase 3 of “Security 101” in Norway

This phase involves the creation of new tools that could be used to educate young people about digital security & cyber hygiene. Six teams of youth workers created various activities & workshops that they had the opportunity to implement on the spot, which will be added to a digital open source manual that will serve youth workers working on cyber security. ​

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TC “Youth work lab: using digital youth work and virtual reality in daily work of a youth center” in Lithuania

Together with another 30 youth workers from Europe, our participants gained knowledge of new technological devices & digital skills, as well as methods to use them in their work with young people. One of the highlights of the training course was the activity where participants used virtual reality.

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KA2 “Youth Worker in Debate” –
Mobility in Italy

The activities of the first project phase were aimed at enhancing the skills of youth workers by exchanging good practices in the youth sector of the three countries. So far, participants have had the opportunity to gain new & deeper knowledge in the field of debate, as well as useful digital tools.

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“CryptoParty Skopje” –
Cyber Security Workshop

“CryptoParty Skopje” – Cyber Security Workshop took place on the 4th of November at Gragjanski Resursen Centar and gathered together 20 young people & youth workers. This workshop aimed to introduce participants to the basics of cryptography, as well as different ways how to improve their personal security while using the Internet.

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YE “We Are All Nomads” in Spain

Ana, Jovana, Marija, Hristijan & Zorica, together with 30 other participants had the opportunity to elaborate on the topic of social acceptance & cultural differences through various methods of games & acting. The group discussed historical and cultural similarities between their countries, where the Macedonian team discovering more interesting similarities with the Spanish hosts.

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TC “The Power of Human Rights” in Belgium

Аlong with our volunteers, youth workers from 11 other European countries deepened their knowledge of human rights, possible mechanisms for their protection & analyzed the ways how media in different European countries reports human rights topics to their followers. The life story of a survivor of World War II, a visit to a refugee camp & a discussion with migrants living in Belgium further brought the concept of human rights to the participants.

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Phase 1 of “Security 101”: TC in Georgia

During the period from 14th to the 22nd of September, the first activity of the multi-phase project “Security 101” took place in Rustavi, Georgia, where participants had the opportunity to experience how the Internet works, how the information travels between the users, as well as to learn how to encrypt their messages in order to improve their digital security. Next phase are the individual local activities that every country group will organize in their local community in order to raise awareness about the importance of “cyber hygiene”.

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YE “Be safe online!” in Romania

“Be safe online!” aimed to raise the awareness about the importance of online safety by offering the participants information & instruments needed in order to safely navigate the internet. During the youth exchange, participants developed their civic spirit by initiating a campaign concerning online safety awareness, but also developing a series of abilities which will be useful for their personal & professional development.

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KA2 “Youth Worker in Debate” – 1st Transnational Meeting in Greece

“Youth Worker in Debate” is a KA2 project in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme that will include 60 young workers and youngsters from N. Macedonia, Italy and Greece during the period from June 2019 to May 2021. The project aims to apply the debate methodology in the youth work sector as a new and innovative non-formal education tool in the framework of multiple actions.

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