Youth Empowerment Association is a non-profit/non-governmental civil society organization based in Skopje, N. Macedonia. It was founded by youth workers with an extensive experience in national & international projects, making young people the main target group of the organization.

YEA aims to promote youth participation and active citizenship through the methods of non-formal education to achieve better youth policies, greater involvement of the young population in the decision-making process & expand their impact on the positive development of the community. Furthermore, our activities consist of development of the entrepreneurial and innovative mindset of the young people, promotion of active participation as a tool to achieve active citizenship, as well as the preservation and protection of cultural heritage.

YEA’s main goal is building the capacities of the youngsters in N. Macedonia, in order to improve their competences, but also prepare them for future projects and job requirements.

Youth Empowerment Office will present a new open space for empowerment of youngsters in the region of Skopje through using non-formal education as a tool to produce educational activities & workshops that will be focused on developing the main objectives of Youth Empowerment Association.

Location: Str. 1612 No. 5/14, Municipality of Aerodrom, Skopje

Contact us via phone, email or social media:

+389 77807287



Youth Empowerment Association - YEA