During the period from 24th of November until the 3rd of December 2018 in the training center “Daugirdiškės” in Lithuania the project “Making culture gr8 again” took place. Youth Empowerment Association was the partner organization representing Macedonia between the 11 participating countries with 3 participants.

During these 10 days filled with fun and knowledge, the participants explored various cultures, presented their own, learned about cultural heritage & created partnerships for future projects in the field of culture, with the final goal, which is “make culture great again”! “360° Participation”, “Principles of non-formal education”, “Cultural values & youngsters” were few of the topics of the training course. The final days of the project were focused on networking, learning writing skills that were used to write Erasmus+ projects connected to culture and finally their evaluation. Finally, here are some thoughts from Aleksandar Karatosho, Renata Penchova & Jordan Penchov:

“As someone that has taken part in more than 15 international projects, most of them being from the Erasmus+ programme, I must say that this project and trainers were one of the best so far. They have surpassed my expectations by delivering an excellent project from every aspect possible. We were able to learn new information about cultural heritage in 11 different countries, but also explore the local culture of Lithuania. Finally, we completed the training by learning how to write a successful Erasmus+ application and evaluate each other’s projects afterwards.”

“For me, this was an excellent experience that has broadened my knowledge & perspectives. We were tirelessly working as a team with multiple organizations for the development of many partnerships & projects. This training course had a great influence on my personal & professional development.”

“Awaken. This is how I feel after this training course, on which I acknowledged a lot about my own culture & our cultural heritage, as well as for the other 10 countries that were presented by inspirational young people. Together with them, we have collaborated for the duration of the program, organized by professional & experienced trainers, which were deeply connected with culture & producing quality Erasmus+ projects. It is an amazing experience & opportunity for improvement on professional & personal level by getting to know unique people coming from various countries and cultures. This is why I highly recommend to every young & ambitious person to use the opportunities given by Erasmus+.”

You can also watch the video made by our participants: