During the period from 15th to the 20th of October in Lommel, Belgium the training course “The Power of Human Rights” took place. Youth Empowerment Association was the partner organization representing Macedonia with Sanja and Vesna as representatives of our organization.

Аlong with them, youth workers from 11 other European countries deepened their knowledge of human rights, possible mechanisms for their protection and analyzed the ways how media in different European countries reports human rights topics to their followers. The life story of a survivor of World War II, a visit to a refugee camp and discussion with migrants in Belgium further brought the concept of human rights to the participants. On the end, they had direct experience in organizing workshops related to human rights promotion.

During the training, Vesna and Sanja also had the opportunity to present the work of our organization and traditional Macedonian food, and thus expand their knowledge in the field of culture and customs in other participating countries, through which they acquired long-term connections.