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From 26th of February to the 6th of March, the project “Bullying from Reality to Virtual and Back” took place in Busteni, Romania. As representatives of Youth Empowerment Association, Viktor, Elena, Erton, Ivan and Nevenka participated together with 37 other participants from Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, in order to explore the violence among young people in the physical and cyber space. During these days, they covered a wide range of topics, shared many opinions and experiences, as well as promoted national traditions, food and music at intercultural evenings.

A big number of activities were also implemented, from which our group mostly favored the workshop for creating posters on the topic of physical and emotional effects of violence and the potential solutions to it through brainstorming, followed by a group discussions. Furthermore, the last and main activity for this youth exchange is shooting 3 short movies about cyber-violence, the causes and the background of the perpetrators and the perpetrators of the violence. The purpose of these films is to emphasize the gravity of this significant problem of (cyber)violence among youngsters everywhere.

Our group told us that this project is a great experience where they have expanded their views and learned many useful things.