During the period from 28th of October to the 4th of November in Alicante, Spain the youth exchange “We Are All Nomads” took place and Youth Empowerment Association was represented by Ana, Jovana, Marija, Hristijan and Zorica.

Together with 30 other participants they had the opportunity to elaborate on the topic of social acceptance and cultural differences through various methods of games and acting. The group discussed historical and cultural similarities between their countries, where the Macedonian team discovered very interesting similarities with the Spanish hosts.

During the second half of the project, our team got to know the cultural aspect of Alicante and talked to the locals about migration and its consequences, as well as the cultural differences that are present on the territory of Spain. In addition, they gave a brief presentation of the experiences of the refugee crisis in Macedonia, as well as a presentation of the reasons for the enormous “brain drain” on these territories.

Our participants managed to get acquainted with the mayor and the deputy mayor of the city, with whom they had a short talk on the same topic.