Youth Empowerment Association opens a call for 6 participants for the youth exchange “Progress in Work” taking place in Piedras Blancas, Spain from 24th to 30th of July 2022.

“Progress in Work” was born from the need of partner organisations to provide their work groups with some useful and necessary skills at the moment of job search and professional growth, as well as tools to be able to use and independently develop those skills.

Young people of different countries share the same problems as for searching for a decent and not precarious job, chances of being hired and job retention capacity. In addition to this, there’s a widespread lack of transversal and personal skills valued by employers and considered fundamental in the labour market such as teamwork, communication, organization, adaptability,flexibility, creativity, etc. and, as a direct consequence, a lack of motivation.

Within the aim of the project – to increase the employability of the participants by enhancing soft skills considered fundamental in the labour market – the project sets as objectives to:
– Provide young people with knowledge about soft skills;
– Create a safe space for young people to practice and develop their softskills and to give them tools for practice;
– Increase awareness of the importance of soft skills in personal andprofessional lives of young people;
– Boost young people’s self-confidence in personal and professional life;
– Motivate participants, especially those with fewer opportunities, to anactive search for a job or professional training;
– Promote reflection and self-analysis both at a group and personal levelfor better awareness of oneself and one’s own abilities.

All expenses during the project (accommodation, food, workshops) are covered by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 360€. For any additional questions contact us at


Date: 24 – 30/07/2022
Piedras Blancas, Spain
Profile of Participants: 1 team leader (18+) + 5 participants (18-25y)
Participation Fee: 900 MKD*



* The participation fee will be charged only if you are selected as a participant for the project.