Youth Empowerment Association opens a call for 4 youth workers for the training course “Competencies for quality youth work” taking place in Elektrenai, Lithuania from 10th to 17th of November 2022.

This international training course will gather 34 participants and trainers from Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain, Norway, Portugal, and N. Macedonia in order to develop youth work competences of youth leaders/ workers to foster inclusion and empowerment of young people who are facing marginalization on a daily basis.

1. To explore the concept of youth work, inclusion, and empowerment, when working with marginalized young people.
2. To develop competences of youth leaders/workers from partner organizations, enabling them to use a
variety of educational approaches with an aim to foster young people’s understanding of diversity,
intercultural, inter-religious dialogue, and common fundamental values of our society.
3. To share good and bad practices from partner organizations, reflect, and learn from them. Contemplate on
different methodologies on how to reach marginalized youth and establish educational relationship.
4. To develop high-quality future international projects within Erasmus+.
5. Create action plans on how to support youth work quality development at the local level.

All expenses during the project (accommodation, food, workshops) are covered by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275€. For any additional questions contact us at


Date: 10 – 17/11/2022
Training centre Daugirdiškės, Elektrenai, Lithuania

Profile of Participants: 4 youth workers (18+)
Participation Fee: 1,200 MKD*


DEADLINE: 11/09/2022

* The participation fee will be charged only if you are selected as a participant for the project.