YE “Talking is easy, acting is difficult”

Description: By implementing the YE “Talking is easy, acting is difficult”, we would like to support and encourage young people to become more involved and active in their communities. We are aware that the community is significant for a person, and each person should be part of a community that gives him/her space for his/her development and helps fulfill their ambitions. The community develops and grows with the help of interested people.
Date: 01-09.09.2022
Location: Zakopane, Poland

DEADLINE: 07.07.2022

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Description: This project will put a focus on the representation of women in all parts and fields of the community, especially in management positions and politics.
Date: 24-30.07.2022
Location: Kirikkale, Turkiye


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TC “Progress in work”

Description: YE “Progress in Work” was born from the need of partner organisations to provide their work groups with some useful and necessary skills at the moment of job search and professional growth, as well as tools to be able to use and independently develop those skills.
Date: 23.07-01.08.2022
Location: Piedras Blancas, Spain

DEADLINE: 05.06.2022

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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – TC “Financial literacy education in youth work”

Description: The training course will bring 30 youth workers for a 6-day training course with the aim to provide youth workers with competencies and tools needed to work with the financial literacy of young people in everyday youth work activities.
Date: 11-18.06.2022
Location: Elektrenai, Lithuania

DEADLINE: 25.04.2022

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YE “Now you see it, now you don’t”

Description: This project aims to increase the degree of education and responsibility of young people in preventing and combating air pollution for a better quality of life and environmental sustainability. 
Date: 21-30.03.2022
Location: Monteoru and Buzau, Romania

DEADLINE: 28.02.2022

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Description: Young people in Europe spend an increasing amount of their time consuming digital media. These tools can provide a place for young people to learn, to share their experiences, to exchange their views, to have fun with their friends and to actively participate in society. Literature review suggests that there are a lot of youth work practitioners who lack the digital skills or attitudes to fully benefit from the opportunities created by digital technologies for delivering quality youth work, which is where this project steps in!
Date: 03 – 09.12.2021
Location: Tbilisi Area, Georgia

DEADLINE: 30.10.2021

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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – YE “Mirror of Flesruoy – Find Yourself in Hogwarts”

Description: The project will support youth on their personal development journey, as well as to give a space for them to get familiar with their thought and emotional patterns through the wonderful symbolism and hidden (or not so hidden)
meanings of the Harry Potter Universe.
Date: 03 – 11.12.2021
Location: Pilisszántó, Hungary

DEADLINE: 31.10.2021

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TC “Keep up the pace in the digital age”

Description: Social media became the most influential media of the 21st century. These kind of platforms are the most important communication tools used by all actors in the society (business community, civil society organizations, political parties etc.), which means that youth workers are not an exception. With this project we want to encourage people – especially youth workers – to improve their digital competences & share gained knowledge with the youth they are working with. 
Date: 01 – 08.11.2021
Location: Fužine, Croatia

DEADLINE: 18.10.2021

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YE “United in Dance

Description: This youth exchange seeks to create a place for young people to share their views openly and with dignity among themselves. Members of different ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural backgrounds and heritage will share understanding and appreciation. Young people want to find out how other countries interact with other cultures and what potential solutions that lead to the improvement of these relationships are suggested by young people who come from different cultural backgrounds.
Date: 15-24/09/2021
Location: Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany

DEADLINE: 05.08.2021

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Description: The project aims to improve youth workers’ competences in graphic facilitation & visual thinking, as well as boost their creativity in both personal and professional life. 
Date: 06-14/09/2021
Location: Grotniki, Poland

DEADLINE: 01.08.2021

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TC “More than Money

Description: Project “More than Money” has the goal to create a common understanding of social entrepreneurship, sustainability and their benefits through studying examples of social enterprises by both on-site visits and research, as well as enhance participants’ ICT skills, namely creating digital materials and online research of data.
Date: 7-15/08/2021
Location: Góra Kalwaria, Poland

DEADLINE: 05.06.2021

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Description: This training course aims to develop youth workers’ critical thinking competences, transfer media literacy knowledge and skills to participants, share basics of money management and long term planning through a simulation, as well as present dissemination methods.
Date: 4-12/07/2021
Location: Černý Důl, Czech Republic

DEADLINE: 01.06.2021

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YE “Involved in my community”

Description: This project will provide the appropriate space where the participants will learn about the importance of volunteering, as well as help young people develop a series of personal and social abilities, such as solidarity, tolerance, trust, civic duty, and social responsibility.
Date: 21-25/06 & 28-02/07/2021

DEADLINE: 03.06.2021

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YE “Building bridges through emotions”

Description: This YE will use the method of learning by doing through debates, simulations, energizers, ice-breakers, communication games, activities for exploring and sharing, group discussions, coaching sessions, creativity, reflection and self-reflection, open space and others. It provide youngsters with a safe place and environment to explore their inner selves and emotions as well as their prejudices, fears and impulsive behaviors.
Date: 19-27.07.2020
Location: Gudevitsa, Bulgaria

DEADLINE: 31.05.2021

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TC “How to establish a youth centre”

Description: A 9 day online training course based on the principles of non-formal education, that will implement interactive methods, various inputs from trainers, experience sharing sessions among participants & multi-level reflections devoted to the digital world.
Date: 29.03-02.04 & 06-09.04.2021

DEADLINE: 25.03.2021

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